Vicko says hello!



Since I really like this forum I think it´s about time to introduce myself.
I´m 22 years old, live in Sweden and have been into art for about ten years. Mostly I have done all my stuff on the computer untill I started airbrushing.
I´ve airbrushed for about two and a half years, it started when my friend lend his airbrush to me after telling him about my dream to airbrush. He also gave me a excrementload of Com-arts (30 ml) to play with and a Iwata silver jet.
I struggled a lot for the first year, didn't understand the paint and the airbrush. At the time I were a lot into digital stuff and didn't pick up the airbrush for periods. Then I had a accident, my right hand was broken and i couldn't use the tablet for my computer to paint but one think I could use was my airbrush. Now it really took off and I was determined to make all the mistakes and learn from them.

I really hate to have a normal occupation, 9-5 doesn't suit me. I rather live on nothing and paint all day. And since i'm broke i have to recycle stuff, try to think creative about painting and what I paint on. I often go dumpstering to find thinks to paint on.
I bought myself a second airbrush last summer. It was a H&S Infinity but the compressor doesn't give as high pressure as the infinity requires. At least that's what I think.

I try to make a living as an artist as I don't have a high standard for living but it's really hard.

My equipment is:
Iwata Eclipse HP-CS
H&S Infinity
Iwata silver jet compressor
Com-arts, India ink and paint that I can find for free.

Hi everyone and you have all been a lot of help already!
Welcome Vicko, it sounds like you don't always have it easy, but I hope the guys here make a little better for you, a lot of us get into airbrushing for all kinds reasons and your story is not entirely unfamiliar, your story is much like mine, a replacement for the fact that I can no longer work, but can still keep busy.

I hope you will stay with us and know that we all here to help when we can.
Welcome to the forum, i hate normal occupation me too, enjoying life is better that cash flow to me.
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Hi Vicko, real glad you have joined are little band, digital is used a lot these days as a great aid to airbrushing, be great for you to share your knowledge too. Welcome aboard and enjoy:)
Hi Vicko,
Welcome, I look forward to seeing some of your work.
Cheers Mel
9 to 5 aint all it's cracked up to be, as long as you got enough to get by. You can't buy happiness and contentment so grab it while you can!
welcome form honduras,hope you can call this place home like i do!!!yep, life isn´t easy,but it can be a lot of fun with a warm airbrush in your hands!!!;)
Hi Vicko, welcome from Calgary. No working but paint all day (and have a few brown bubllies), that sure sounds attractive. I could go for that :)
Hi Vicko and welcome from the UK.

If your compressor can power your HP CS then it will work with the Infinity. More likely your paint is not reduced eniugh to squeeze it through a .15 needle and tip. I end up using about 10psi with my infinity but the paint is like water to get it through.