Vintage Paasche Compressor



I acquired this compressor and have no knowledge of it or it's history. Was hoping this might be the place to find out what I have. The tag says type F975 serial #3459. Thanks for any help in advance.
You might be able too but we try to keep pictures off till after your 10th post. So just keep talking if it won't work . lol
I've searched everywhere and can't find another one exactly like it although several similar.
It can be good for two reasons. One is that you haven't paid for that (I hope) and another - you can try how airbrush works. But all other reasons are not good for you.
This compressor does not have any air tank, so you will have pulsation of the air in your hose and thus in your airbrush. It's no good. No auto switch is there, no filter.
But there's one good thing about this compressor, it's great thing for the collection! It's vintage.
There is a Vintage Airbrush group on Facebook. Those guys will be able to answer all your questions.