Vinyl choice


tony leece

Hi folks, i have recently bought a 6inch 'roland stika' vinyl plotter.
The sign company that i bought it also gave me a roll on vinyl. Dont know the brand or anything, but it is the type that can be printed onto.
I want vinyl that i can use for general masking.
However, the adhesive is very sticky, even after i 'de-tack' it by pressing it onto my tee shirt or jeans.
I have had paint rip right off a project quite a few times. (i am using trident and wicked paints).
My question is, does anyone know where i can get a low tack vinyl from, also the brand name etc.
I live in Perth WA, so will probably need to order it as airbrushing supplies are rare here.
Many thanks guys.....
Try looking up friskit on line,you might also find it at an auto parts store that sells auto paint ,I also find it in the acrlic paint area in my local hobby shop
You can choose among Oracal products (Germany).
I use their Oratape MT80P. It's a low tack and has 0,5 and 1 meter width. Price is very reasonable.

There are also:
Oratape MT95 - goes as a rool without paper layer. Can be used only for masking. It's not for plotter.
Oramask 810 - stencil film for bent surfaces
Oramask 811 - the same as 810 but for flat surfaces
810 and 811 are designed specially for paint masking and stencilling.
I've cut some stuff out of the blue Avery sign mask and the painters did not have any issues.