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Does anyone have some good suggestions for vinyl printers between 2 and 3 hundred dollars? I seem to be doin a lot of logos and lettering and the vinyl works as a really good stencil.

Be careful of some of the cheap plotters as they are very problematic and there's virtually no manufacturer support for them and many times you're stuck using the cutting software that comes with these plotters as they don't have printer drivers. After much research, I bought a GCC Expert 24 plotter 2 years ago for $450 and it works great. Roland and Graphtec are the best, but are very pricey. I've heard good things about the Silhouette Cameo, but it only cuts to 12" wide. The GCC cuts to 24" wide.
I have a silhouette cameo and its a great little machine. It does only cut 12" wide but for what I use it for (i.e hard hat mainly) its perfect. I do for see a bigger one in the future as I progress. Google coupons for it also, I got my cameo for $219 + shipping. Good luck on your search.
I have an old ioline studio 7 I bought 15 years ago used off ebay made me enough money to buy 12 of them at least buy quality and make sure you will be able to get parts blades down the road.
Thanks, I'll take a look at those. I don't really see my self printing something bigger than 12".

I think I'm gonna go with the silhouette cameo, for the price and what I want to do. It'll be perfect. I like how I'll be able to use it for different material. Not just vinyl but other non adhesive materials for stencils.

My cameo workes great, but The software is not god at all, but the software "make the cut " workes with the cameo and are much better, but not free
not expensive though

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I bought a silhouette a few months back, loved it, but now it seems to be broken and I have found no support to help me solve the problem!
After a lot of looking i just ordered a silhouette today for $279.99 (USD) with 5 12" X 5' rolls of vinyl and transfer tape. best deal i could find in my price range. good luck
So far love the cameo. Have to get more used to it, but fairly easy to use, might even be able to sell some decals soon , maybe I'll make back some of the costs to buy it. I have cut vinyl for decoration at home, dura-lar for stencils, and paper.
Alas!, it was not broken! I just happened to grab the old cutting mat and the blade kept getting stuck!!! No worries, all is good, I like the cameo again!!! Still though, I found little online support for the product.