W500 reducer


Air-Valve Autobot!
I was just at Currys (our area's arts supply chain) picking up some a/b lube and some other supplies, when I asked the Girl about some w500(4012) and if they will carry it. She hadn't heard of it before. 2 mins later she comes back with 6 2oz bottles. Said they were samples and they came in about 10 mins ago and she will be right back and when she does, She hands me one and said to try it and let them know how it works...no charge.
Talk about good timing on my part...
I fully believe luck is a virus, some people get it and it stays in the system and becomes part of their dna, and passes on to the next generation, some pass it on to others and only have it for a while, and some like me are immune. Good for you tony!
I am usually the least luckiest person.....maybe this is a start of some, I could really use it...lol