wah. lost o rings.



finally broke the seal or popped my airbrushing cherry...and decided to paint an old canvas white while practising my dots, dashes etc...went to clean the brush...lost two o-rings one is SMALL... where can i find replacements without buying a bunch of various sizes?
what brush do you have redawn, some you may be able to source parts for .....some....not
okay my brush was clogged...paint too thick...i had probably reassembled it wrong the first time too...huge learning curve here. i have a cheap one ($15) for practice(don't want to ruin the $75 one until i semi know what i am doing) ...thought i had rinsed the front o ring down the sink...knew enough to make sure i had a bowl for the parts...but i was not looking for o rings it is still on there. not sure about the interior one...can't tell.

not having fun yet...hope to soon.
Redawn ,
Use the better brush, and reduce you paints.
What Brand is your 75 dollar brush?
What paints are you using.
What air pressure are you spraying at.
The reason I say use the better brush it will in the long run make you happier and be able to hit your goals better.
badger crescendo 175 is my $75 one...$15 is a cheap amazon brush.
Yay badger!, at the very least, replacement parts are cheap on the badgers for such great brushes,....learn your trade with this otherwise you may find you have to un do some if the stuff you learn with the amazon brush!....as herb said.....better off with the better one at the start..
i may do just that...i switched to some ink after i painted the (old used by someone else) canvas white with spray can (was not getting the coverage with the airbrush...had much fun with the inks...humm. maybe i will start with a fresh canvas tomorrow. thanks peeps less wah, more ahhh.