Wait to win krome or just buy myself a H & S infinity solo?



I'm looking for an airbrush for fine detail, I've been looking at the H & S infinity solo with a .15 needle set up. Ive heard good things about them. I have an iwata Eclipse HP C Plus at the moment and can't get really fine detail. Micron is out the question due to cost. What are your thoughts or alternatives?
krome, velocity or sotar can all get nice fine detail.krome is lovely in the hand, sotar is nice and light.velocity is somewhere between the two. good value for money on badger brushes, same can not be said for h and s unless you live in germany
wait to win a khrome and if you dont win, you can always buy a khrome, because i will win it, lol!!! just kidding enery one has a punchers chance ;)
i just so happen to have an infinity i think its as good as it looks and you can get the triple needle bearing and screw what are in the more expensive cr plus for real cheap i like the fact that the nozzle does not get lost if you drop it its easy to disassemble to clean or change needles it sprays a super fine line with ease and i do space art and doing diffraction spikes around stars is a breeze with the distance cap highly recommended and i also like the spatter cap i also have a velocity its just as good but if you get a bad clog or drop the nozzle your screwed until a new one comes in the mail when the pics from the skul comp go on display check out mine its all from my infinity i dropped the velocity needle and cant afford a new one lastly the needles are polished like chrome les tip dry just remember the chrome is almost just as fine
I dont have either one of those airbrushes, but i do have the Evolution silverline with the 0.15mm setup from the Infinity. I can do very fine details with it if the paint is good and the reduction is correct.
The H&S are very easy to take apart and put together without the need of even one tool, and also very easy to clean. I guess the Krome is also a very good airbrush and is able to do about the same as
the Infinity. I would check prices if i were you and see what the difference is. Here in germany the Krome is abit more expensive then the Infinity, unless you want the CR plus Infinity.
I'm looking at about £20 difference between the krome and infinity. Btw I was joking about the win I'm currently selling my body to fund the new brush ( not to females but for science all I need is one eye and 2 hands I've worked out ).

thanks for your input all.

the infinity does look sexy though...... It may concern my wife when she climbs in bed and finds the infinity on her pillow perhaps the krome should be purchased to save my marriage.....lol