want to know if this would be ideal compressor



DeVilbiss 8650D Nebulizer or Airbrush Air Compressor this is a esxpensive air compressor $400 to $600 woulde this be a alright compressor to use I need to know quickly so if someone could get back to me soon I would appreciate it thanks
I replied to your PM John, I believe this is medical. Pop along to the intro section and tell us more about yourself and what kind of painting you will be doing, and what equipment you already have, it will help people advise you, as well as welcome you to the forum :)
I wish I saw this sooner. A nebulizer compressor does not have enough air flow for an airbrush. They are expensive but only because they are medical. I have one someone gave me and thought about using it for airbrushing. It was quiet and would build up pressure, but did not have enough airflow for me to even try testing with an airbrush.