WANTED! daniel powers dvd sets.



Does anyone have daniels powers dvd sets that they are willing to sell?Uk seller would be easier.If they could inbox me that would be great.I can go through paypal if that helps.RegardsTufty
Hi guys, I'm also looking for these DVDs. If any one is selling them. Please get in touch :)
I second that ! Heck anyone want to lend them? Ill pay shipping , US only though, international rates suck.
anyone in south africa who has those dvds please send me a message, would love to buy them aswell. :)
I have set 1 of danial power for sale im in uk yorkshire
I found a set, from a member on another forum, good luck to the rest of you.

I have all(?) three parts (1 & 2 and candy), and i can sell them.

130€+shipping (from Finland), it is about 20€ to UK


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fyi brand new they where 135$aud for 1 & 2 ( hopefully ill have mine in a week or 2 )
Ive been lookin around for those a long time. Usually too expensive. If Amazon doesnt have em you know your out a luck..lol
while I have yet to view these dvds, I think the retail price of them is more than fair boltcase. You do realize there is over 7 hours of instruction and you can rewatch it over and over. for $100 thats a steal. Go take private lessons with an established airbrush artist and most charge more than that PER HOUR, and you can't redo that hour at your convenience.