wanting new airbrush


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So tax time is coming and wifey has said yes to a new airbrush or two. Currently have two badger patriots and a Chinese knockoff . Was looking for a good detail brush to round out the stable. On my short list so far is a h&s infinity 2 in 1 , mojo 3 "I can get 2 for what the h&s is " or a badger so tar from amazon still reasonable at $103 I believe . I mainly shoot acrylics "golden high flow " onto gesso board . Would like to hear your opinions on said equipment. And before th iwata fan boys start up.I used to own one and never really liked it and a micron is way out of my budget. Thank you all flathead of time for your advice .
hi m8, im far from being pro but i can tell u this: i tried iwata revolution, then i got h&s infinity cr plus and i liked it but then i tried iwata micron and this will stay with me forever, i just sold my infinity on ebay. I subscribe to airbrush step by step magazine and some top artist use H&S with great success, micron is just doin everything i want to do so if u ask me i say go for Iwata and if u cant afford micron its ok, HP-C plus is the one i would buy or HP-CH, u will get as many different opinions as many there is airbrushes on the market but Iwata is real quality and from day 1 i got infinity cr plus i didnt like trigger action, its definitely good airbrush, beatifull as well but.... at the end of the say it all comes down to practice, practice and practice!
My personal choice from what you mentioned would be an H&S. I use my Evolution AL for about all of my detail work. I have an Iwata CMC+, but prefer the Evo most times.
As for the Mojo, it is somewhat finicky with the adjustable air cap. When it's working, it's very responsive and capable of really fine detail. When it isn't working, it will piss you off to no end.
I've never used a Sotar, but I sold my Krome because of the nozzle and head system design.
Why the Infinity and not the Evolution? If you don't need the needle limiter and the adjustable needle spring, it's the same thing. And I would choose H&S over the other brands you've mentioned anyday.
I am by no means in the same league as these other chaps ,but I have tried a few brands over the years including Iwata eclipse which is a great brush but did not suit my arthritic hand anymore . So I tried a few others and after using an H&S evolution I have ended up with a infinity as well . I like the build quality and the ease of use including cleaning . I actually use the quick fix needle limiter to aid my stability especially if my hand is feeling fatigued and it's saved me from some errors . However it's what suits you may not suit another but I am now a H&S convert .
I am a tinkerer by nature so the less I have to play with the better . So I think I would fiddle with mojo to much . Had not even considered a evolution to blinded by the forest cause I can't see the trees . Lol and I am by no means great at this yet either making strides everyday though. Gluten for punishment I guess. Thank you all for your opinions .