Waste not want not....



If using water based paints.

Sometimes we are left with a tiny amount of paint in our ab and generally what do we do with it? We spray into a bin or tissue, whatever.

Well, if you have any friends who scrapbook or kids who like crafting, get them to give you plain paper or card. Instead of wasting the paint, spray from a distance so that you mist the paper. Add other colours in patterns as and when you need to empty your brush. If you feel kind, you can marble the paper but softly blended colours would be fine.
They will be very grateful for your remnants and, if it is for your kids, it will save a fortune on printer ink..:)
I pour like colors together to make custom colors lol. I have different bottles with different tints and use them quiet often actually. Of course I use uro so shelf life is a whole lot different than waterbased. Same thing goes for paint left over in spray gun. I keep like colors and mix them together and label them kill colors. I use these as a kind of sealer to save on basecoat. Say I'm spraying blue. I have kill colors that are close in shade and use that first. This means less new basecoat to be used since won't take as many coats for full coverage.

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Yeah, I 'm waiting for a shipment of tiny bottles...they should have come by now but our regular postie is on holiday and I'm not sure we are getting all our post.....
I practice lettering if I have any left over in the cup, and I'm not in a rush, I'm sure the kids or whoever would love personalised scrap book pages.
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I mix all my own custom colours it's very rare I use a colour sleight from the bottle..
And I have a little panel or something to hand so when I have finished with a colour instead of wasting the paint I use it to practice something like n thickest panel. So maybe if I'm struggling to get to grips with certain. Technique. I will use my waste paint to practice it inbetween painting..
It's something I have done since I started airbrushing..
Never have enough practice lol.
I only ever really use a siphon these days so for me its a case of pre-mixing all your color needs for a piece (Ya shld do that anyway, color cup mixing at times isn't a good thing unless ya really know ya color) and simply tipping each back into its appropriate paint jar for storage when finished with it for that piece, after a cple of mnths you will have your own extensive range of color so when ya looking to color match your next job, likely you have 2-3 close options that may just need slight adjustment rather than remade..

But anything for the kiddies is a great thing, try scrunching that paper ya spray on for the kids prior to spraying it, then hit it with left over color, each color from a different angle onto the unscrunched paper, it creates a cool 3d effect the kids will prob love for their scrap booking or art projects..GL