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Just thought id throw these up here to show how i went about the water in the dolphin piece i just did. Dont mind my music, i like to rock out lol so feel free to turn the volume down.

Part 1- Started of with blue that had a drop of black and few drops of white to mellow the brightness of the blue for the color of the water. Just did a random layout to make a base for the ripples.
Water demo 1 - YouTube

Part 2- I came back with just white and started to establish the high spots in the ripples.
Water Demo 2 - YouTube

Part 3- I came back with the same blue as in the first step with another drop of black to darken it. Then i shaded the dark sides of the ripples for more depth.
Water Demo 3 - YouTube

Thats pretty much it. You can always take it a step further and add more detail, but i just kept it with a smooth look. Hope this helps!
Outstanding videos , Many thanks for taking the time and making them...
what are you painting on in the video? is it a board or paper?
Hey Visual I was wondering what colors were you useing on this demo.
I was using Etac Phthalo blue, reduced about 10:1 for the first pass, then 5:1 on the second pass. Then finished it up with titanium white.
Terrific, thank you for that .... next... who does mountains and snow?
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