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So im starting air brushing for the first time. An need a little help to make sure im in the right direction

First the airbrush i picked up was a neo for iwata from hobby lobby for 35$
I picked up a 3 gal compressor from harbor freight for 30$

i also bought a inline water trap from tcpglobal part #TFR-2000

for hoses i picked up a 25ft coiled hose and 10ft braided hose from HF

So if im to understand i should run the 25ft air hose from the compressor to the water trap then i can just run the braided hose. Im wondering if i should be fine with this this setup? I plan to do some testing before i do it all. But wanted to figure out the setup before i start. I would like to avoid a pistol grip water trap if possible. I tried a friends and it felt very awkward with it on.

So am i heading in the right direction? anyone have any advice for me or anything else i should add? or how to set it up?

with that im wondering how i should mount it all. I saw a post where there was a diagram that showed wanting to run the hose straight up then angled down to the regulator/water trap. Im wondering if i would get the same effect just stringing the hose to hang from the ceiling of my garage and come straight back down? Im hoping the 1 water trap will suffice.

I considered if it isnt enough just going with the tcp global inline water trap air hose Part# ABD TH-024-10-MT or should i just get one since ive read posts that make it sound like the end all be all to ensure no water?

I may just be being overly cautious, i just see lots of people saying how much they are needed and I'm worried about it right off the bat.

I plan to order a quick disconnect before long as well.

Edit: i think in the morning i might pick up a water separator they had at home depot for 6$ and just put it on the compressor. An still continue with how i said originally. Also do i need a spray booth or to make one? im using acrylics and have a respirator and my garage has nothing of any concern with overspray. im only using it to paint 1/10th scale rc car bodies so maybe if someone has some links they could share to a entry level one that doesnt break the bank or how to make one. It would be a great help
Thanks in advance and i went with part numbers since i couldnt link.
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Ok, slow down, take a breath, better?

From your compressors regulator, connect your coil hose, it doesn't have to be above your moisture trap, air will carry the vaporized water and still extract it, them connect your braided hose to the moisture trap, then to the airbrush.

Is your moisture trap also a regulator? If it is I recommend setting the regulator at the compressor 10-20 psi higher than the pressure range you will run the secondary regulator at. That way any pressure drop in the hose will not affect the downstream regulator.

I have a similar set up in my garage. 20 gallon compressor, 3 feet of hose, reg/ moisture trap, then connect out from there. Even have about 20' of 1/2" pipe connected , run around the garage. Also similar in my airbrush room. Small AB compressor with a tank, 2' hose, to a reg/ trap, to a manifold with 3 airbrush hoses. So a length of 2-4 feet after either compressor is enough to help the compressed air cool enough for the moisture to be removed. And I'd your compressor is below the reg/ trap, the moisture will just drop back to the compressors tank s you will get more of it there than the moisture trap.

As a side note. I am too a bit over cautious. I run a reg/trap set up and the in line traps at the end of all my AB hoses. I do not get moisture and I like it that way, but I am covered if I ever do.

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You probably saw the diagram I posted which is ideal wmlepage has you covered what you really need is just some area for the the water vapor to cool to water. Otherwise the water trap will not work.
I think wmlepage has covered it. But does your compressor have a regulator and moisture trap? and have you added an inline moisture trap with no regulator to that? If so you should be fine. If the compressor doesn't have a regulator and water trap then you could buy one that you fit to your work bench (see picture Mini Regulator With Gauge And Water Trap Filter | eBay ) and run your airbrush hose from that. Then you can easily regulate your air pressure and you have another moisture trap for safety.

I'm also very cautious too but now I think my set up is over the top as far as moisture traps are concerned.

Before I had a compressor with Regulator and moisture trap and I put a pistol grip moisture trap by the airbrush. However a month ago I added an extra air tank to the set up and it has it's own Regulator and moisture trap which gives me a grand total of 3 moisture traps!!

I'm thinking I might take the pistol grip one off because it's getting a bit heavy at the airbrush end. Not all my male quick release parts fit my female quick release with air regulator. Also I just got a bottom feed airbrush and the bottle won't fit with the pistol grip on. Soooo, I added another quick release under the pistol grip so I can take it off and use the other airbrushes with the other male quick release parts.

This means, since yesterday, at the end of my air hose, I have a female and male quick release, then a pistol grip moisture trap, then a female and male quick release with air regulator and then FINALLY my airbrush!! It's 14 cm long! Ha Ha Ha! But I now have male q/r parts on the end of each of my airbrushes and I can attach any one I like in a matter of seconds. Sweet!! :)

If I find I don't like all that stuff with the extra weight under my airbrush I'll take the pistol grip off and just leave the 2 quick releases. Unless someone tells me otherwise, I don't think I need 3 moisture traps. Do I? :)
Im sorry i have a regulator on the compressor as well as a regulator/trap. ALso my compressor has a water trap. But that looks like its only to empty the tank? Good to know im on the right track i wanted to take the time to read as much as possible then take the time to write up any concerns i have at this point.
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and if you are real anal like me I use an In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer of these for added protection against nasty water vapor disposable kind
and if you are real anal like me I use an In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer of these for added protection against nasty water vapor disposable kind

I have one for when I use a spray gun. And i just got a dual stage filter/reg set up for the garage.

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i just got one of those from harbor freight the air dryer thing. had to just exchange the iwata cause the paint cup came cross threaded out of the box and couldnt be removed. So now problem solved and if thats the only problem i have for this brush i will be happy.

also that is the water trap/regulator i purchased. But i seen they had them at harbor freight with lots of water filters for cheaper then ebay. just for future reference

Im about to go outside and mess around for a little bit with water n color just to get used to the feel and pattern. I need to continue watching videos cause i feel so overwhelmed like i forget everything i watched. LoL
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