Waterbased paint Sealer?



What is the sealer used for? Is there a benefit to using the sealer as a basecoat instead of just plain opaque white or black?
A sealer is for tinting so that whatever your base coat that goes over it takes less coats. say you are spraying a blue, where it may take 3 coats to achieve desired color, if you tint a sealer with blue, it may only take 1 or 2 coats. It also blocks colors like say if your primer was black and you want to paint it white, using a sealer first will mask more of it first then just using a white basecoat and won't take as much coverage of the basecoat to cover the primer. with the auto air, they make a sealer white and a sealer dark. This acts as several things. if you used sealer white spraying a color over it would be lighter than spraying over sealer dark, allowing you to achieve different colors with same base. With how grainy AA is, its needed but not required. It also helps with adhesion of the AA to a urethane primer.
just go to the auto air website and click on the sealers, I'm sure there is a description and if I remember there is also a video explaining the process as well

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AA now has colored sealers, or will have them out in the near future.

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A waterbased "sealer" isn't quite the same as a urethane "sealer", but with both, the function is to provide a uniform color to paint over, and to act as a sort of "glue coat" between the primer and paint.

Sealer is kind of an optional step either way. Yes, it will help the basecoat cover faster. It will help prevent any die-back in the primer layers. Basically, it will make for a better paint job. BUT, if the part is a uniform color (like all "primer" grey/white/biege/etc, without any bodyfiller or anything showing through) you can scuff the primer and go straight to paint. But, if, say, your primer is grey, and you want a white basecoat, doing a layer of white sealer will be cheaper than doing two extra layers of white paint.
Especially useful for materials that love to absorb the paint.anyone who has painted bumpers on the older corvette stingrays knows exactly what I'm talking about lol.

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