Weird Tip Dry



When I first started using the airbrush, I would get a strange looking buildup at the very tip of the needle. The best description of it would be a tiny branch of dry paint growing up from the tip. I figured there was a burr at the tip. Checking some videos on tip polishing, I wasn't brave enough to go at it with a drill and sandpaper.
I pulled out my cordless Dremel tool and a soft buffing wheel. I applied some jewelers rouge to the buffing wheel, set it on low speed, made sure the wheel rotation was away from the tip (in this case counter-clockwise) and with light pressure starting midway at the taper (above the small shoulder on the needle) I slowly pulled the needle towards me from midway to tip. I did this about ten times, slightly rotating the needle on each pass.
I reassembled the ab and tried it out. To my surprise, no more strange tip dry. I still get the normal tip dry, buts that's the nature of the beast.


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On most of my airbrushes to include the Micron .23 and .18 needle , When you first get them and look at the under magnification you will see straight lines running the length of the needle(like a channel). These can cause such strange forms of tip dry.
I use a bit of jeweler leather (very soft leather) with a micro rubbing compound then a glazing polish to put a mirror finish on the needle.
I have also had 1 needle that did have a burr on it that I had to use 4000 grit sandpaper to remove it.
So while you buy large amounts for some of the airbrushes it does not mean you will never get one with out a flaw.
I didn't want to get to aggressive or heat up the needle. I was curious on how they made those needles. I did a search on the net but couldn't find any info.
Yes that is something I once looked for too. But I was not worried about creating too much heat on the needle due to I know with the drill speed set low it should not warp it . Plus it was a needle for my CS so I can get them local and the are affordable so I really had nothing to lose .
I haven't tried polishing my needles yet. Too afraid. :timid:
I have been using a 1/2 of a 3m 3000 grit trizact pad and meguiars heavy cut metal polish. This is for general polishing. Put a dab of polis on the pad, fold it around the needle, twist needle.

If it's worse, I use a few dabs of airbrush lube, and a grooved sharpening stone( if it's bent), then switch to 2000 then onto the trizact routine.