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Hi my name is Marc and i come from Montreal Quebec Canada, i start with airbrush and i have look some web site but not very impress .. so i find airbrushtutor and forum i can tell you this website just make my very happy when i don't try to paint i like some activity out side i make photos and i like it this is a real challenge to try to paint a beautiful picture from nature i hope here i can perfection my Technic with all your tips that's why i like this web site everyone is full respect and i think we can do a miracle when we're not alone :p so i hope you have some fun like me and use your airbrush like you making love softly (except fetishist lmaooo ) so have a very nice day and have fun all :)
HI Marc

Bienvenue sur le forum, j'espère que vous avez beaucoup de plaisir ici

haha! Welcome to the forum Marc, good to have you here. i like how you used love making and airbrushing in the same sentence.
i think we've found our sites casanova :)
wow in french cool and i can say thx you for that loll its not every where that happen :p lot of fun and that just the start :D im so happy to find an active place active member yeah that just start lolll. canvas casanova lmaooo damn why she left me :'( hahaha if i am :( lollll :p
So send you lots of love from Germany... have a nice stay (or better sticky stay) here
yeahh lolll i cant close the page i scare to miss something lolllllllll
yeahh lolll i cant close the page i scare to miss something lolllllllll

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