Well hello



Hi guys,
Name's Tom from the Middle of the UK (safe from the rising waters caused by global warming, contributed to by you selfish lot running compressors.... Tut tut)
I found out about airbrush tutor on YouTube and loved the sense of humour and amazing skills, so I figured you lot must be like minded people. (hope so or I'm screwed)
I'm a noob.... I have never been able to draw and that frustrates me! Hang on, hot bird on the tv.......
Any way where was I, yeah love this airbrushing, I fail a lot but the odd 1 or 2 bits come out not to bad.
I'm always up for constructive criticism so I'll get some posted in my gallery.

Oh on a side note I ended up looking for and buying an oiled, silent 15l airbrush compressor after watching the compressor guide vid. Thanks for that... My wife is going to deck me.

After my little oil free 3 litre tank only got a head nod on the A.T. YouTube compressor guide.
I felt so ashamed by my Aussie master.

Anyway, Thank you and have a good day guys :fat:
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Welcome to the forum from the US

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Welcome tom! Damn wish I lived in a place called studley! Thats awesome, what silent compressor did you end up getting? Bambi? Im looking at getting one myself soon....glad ti have you around tom and a proper welcome from cambs uk....any questions just ask
Thanks to you both.
Ad. Studley is exactly like it sounds you have my word on it. every Year all the blokes get together and compare the length and girth of our cucumbers whilst the ladies like to show off their melons.
The a.c. is called a charnwood sc 100. They look like a bambi like I said I only purchased it because the Aussie guy behind my screen told me to!
Hope you don't get offended ad, but you look a lot like Templeton Peck mate!
You must get all the woman!
Hey Tom from a fellow Brit down on the south coast. Ahhhh the innocent pleasures of the English village, hope you didn't win most misshapen vegetable! Cucumbers??? Letting the side down a bit, a decent English chap should be comparing the size and girth of his marrow surely! I suspect fezzles is already packing for his move to Studley , to weigh or rather, way-hey!, some melons
Cheers lads.
I can only offer my cucumber to the table I'm afraid. Shame the competition was held for the model village. You guys are welcome to come down and sample the local goods as long as you teach me how to airbrush!
Cheers mate. It's really hot in the UK for a change! Getting a right sweat on.
So what's this membership thing then? Is it there to aid Mitch's lavish life style? :)
I suspect fezzles is already packing for his move to Studley , to weigh or rather, way-hey!, some melons

As long as Fez doesnt end up in DUDley....

Welcome to the forum Tom from North Birmingham. Post your lines and dots up so we can see how you're doing. It wont be long before you're painting away, theres plenty of info here and if you get stuck just ask. Get yourself some good paint to help eliminate any problems and spray away.

All the best

Cheers lee.
Shall I stick the lines and dots in the gallery bit or was you winding me up pal? Where abouts in brum are you?
I work for land rover and instruct on the bikes in Tyesely.
Yeah Fez don't for the love of god go to Dudley. *Yam cor undistend wha yam sayin fram dudlaaayy*
lolololo welcome from honduras,hope ypu can call this place home lolol as i do lol!!!:angel:
Hi :)
Hope so, as long as you're happy to have me. I won't make to much mess. Promise.