Well, that vow didn't last long...


Needle-chuck Ninja
I swore the Micron Takumi would be the last brush I bought. I am completely in love with it. Had zero intention or using anything else for illustration.

Just ordered an Eclipse Takumi.

In my defense, illustration is a new animal to me, I set up a new area in a different area of the house than my normal spray booth for models, etc. I will use the Micron 95% of the time, but there will be a need for doing larger areas and backgrounds. Of course I could just grab my HP-BC2 with the .3mm, Infinity CR plus with the .4mm needle, HP-TH with the .5mm and spray away. But this new area is a completely different animal, big H frame easel, filtered exhaust (not vented outside, only using CI with distilled water), Silentaire comp, etc. It just felt right to have the Takumi backed up with another Takumi. I can swap cups (already have extra small Neo cups with the stem) and it will be more or a seamless swap as opposed to spraying a few hours with the Micron, then picking up the TH with an entirely different experience.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

The is THE last, I mean it this time.
Learn to except and love AAD, there’s no greater high then adding an airbrush to your collection. The only downside is it doesn’t last long and you start searching for your next one🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I’m so glad I’m not infected. I’d know if I was infected, right? I mean, there would be signs and symptoms.

Anyway, lovely those Eclipse Takumis look. I already have an Iwata Eclipse but will probget a Takumi at some point. I was just looking at all the different brands of airbrushes I have and it occurred to me it ought to be possible to complete the alphabet with different brands. Anyone done that yet?
Dont think so, but its a cool idea:) start a thread and We will see if We can do it :thumbsup:
Trust me peoples, I'm no strangler to AAD.

I had a particularly bad spell this past summer. It started with a Binks Wren. Which quickly demanded a second for parts, which devolved into ordering parts for both. Then I had a hankering for a T&C Model A. 3 of them later, again for parts, I set my sights on pre '41 Paasche to keep my Turbos company. Somewhere along the line I tripped over an Aerograph 63A and picked it up. While I was dusting myself off I found the Olympos NOS website which ended with global infection.

I was truly on the mend, but a relapse triggered by a tax refund ended in a nasty case of Micron.