were are the kromes


Air-Valve Autobot!
now that my art work is selling and spring time is in the northern hemisphere i would like to purchase a krome and possibly a 100 side feed but the kromes are oot of stock for long time now maybe i should put in an application to badger maybe they need help figuring out how to make that special short front ended side feed krome version airbrush that i would buy at least 3 airbrushes just so i have one for each color Thain il just break out the micron fr that super ultra fine detail ...or would i even have to its just a hint ken take the short front end of the 100 side feed the rest krome wow what a gun that would be
actualy thinking very seriously about the side feed velocity dont like the shadow from the cup i think i need to hang a flourecant tube light from the celing
Good luck finding a Krome...mine has been on back order for a month now, but my new H&S Infinity has been getting all my attention lately anyway. :eagerness:
I got mine from Chigaco airbrush supply. Think I got lucky, cause they went out of stock after I placed order..check there though, worth a shot
I just got my second krome from amazon last week. I had one orderedfrom and fullfilled by amazon that was on backorder. I kept checking a couple of times a day for about a week and BAM a third party seller had 5 in stock. I cancelled the first one then ordered the other one. 4 days later in my paws. Good luck.
it doesn't really have to be a krome im a firm beliver the krome is the same gun aside from thr trigger i might take up on johns offer i love my velocity even more Thain the infinity i am absolutely no good with those needles to fragile i have a pile of bent .15 needles and have to defiantly confirm that the micron needle is a lot tougher Thain the infinity im going to order a new .4 and .6 and large paint cup and keep the infinity as a heavy gun how much are the spare cups for the side feed just curious the way i look at it if i have more thain one renegade il get spare nozzles needles and bearings just to be safe