Wet look details?


Detail Decepticon!
As most of you would have seen in WIP, I've finally attempted a Skull of my own design.
I'm quite:dread: happy with the texturing, and other parts, but I'd like to finish it with some realistic looking eyes.
Have done the basic colour of the iris, but want to complete it with a "wet-look" set of eyes.
Any help would be really appreciated.
PS. Maybe then I'll get to the fangs?
That simpler than you think, continue with your eyes as planned and when done you can erase or scrape out a shape that represent a reflection on both eyes, this be on the same place on both, i.e. Top left, it depends on your chosen light source, have a look through the gallery for examples of things with eyes.
To give eyes that "glazy look" a white wash works verry well.

-1st do the eyes as you would like them don't worry too much about the highlights you actualy want them being hit by a tad of overspray.
-Use a verry reduced white (or transparant white) and go over the complete eye, you'll notice it gets a bit glazy now (called white wash). You can do this a tad more in the light area's but be sure to hit every part of the eye.
-redo the verry dark areas and shadows and if needed add a bit of color to the iris. Make sure you don't repaint the whole thing while doing this :)
-with an erazor soften up the edges of your highlights (don't rub m out completely)
-with an electrical erazor or exacto knife pick out the realy bright parts of your highlights.

ps remember the highlights are a reflection of something when the subject is outside adding a tad of blue to it (keep the real bright spots white) can add to the realism.
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Thank you.
When I'm done with the clearing up bits of the eyes, I"ll do the highlights and add the suggested detail.