what airbrush model ?



can anyone tell me what airbrush model this cheap chinese copy is supposed to be imitating?
as a beginner i first bought one of the compressor/gun kits from fleabay and this gun came with it (im presuming its a chinese copy of something )

...... heres the deal , i also bought a badger LG100 and truth be told i much prefer the action and control of the cheap copy (all i have done is polish the needle and i remove the front cap when using as most do to pick off any tip dry) .

Definitely a copy of the older version Olympos HP-100C. But if you like it, the Iwata HP-C and Grex XG will also have the same basic feel to them.
Most of the Chinese copies are copies of the Olympos models. Some more so than others but Olympos for certain. Rich and Iwata copied/borrowed/bought designs from Olympos.
thanks all - i'll keep a lookout for iwata hp and olympos models.