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What are you up too

Discussion in 'General Airbrush Discussion' started by beginner-James, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. beginner-James

    beginner-James Mac-Valve Maestro! Very Likeable!

    Jun 18, 2018
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    Well I thought I would start this thread for fellow Artist to show or share there thought's and plans for the coming future.

    How are you going to improve
    How long do you spend on practice
    What materials are you using
    Do you plan to change your Paper/Board/Dibond the list goes on & on
    What is your next project

    These are my plans for the foreseeable future.

    I've bought a Dru Blair eye kit.
    I've also signed up to Merissa's online course yep I couldn't wait any longer.
    I try and practice every Day for 30 min's
    I've ordered some Terraslate I will be picking it up on holiday also I've ordered some Blair paper
    As I've signed up the Merissa course I have bought 4 sheet's of G4 board I already have clayboad.

    I'm still working on my bobcat it's very slow as I'm trying to get ready for my holiday.
    Future plans Is too buy Iwata cm plus v2 I've saved two thirds of the cost towards one plus my wife will be buying me one in June for my birthday

    I've changed my paint from Golden High Flow too Createx Illustration just bought the starter set to try for now.

    So my next project Is Blair Eye and Merissa's eye I never planned to paint two eye's one after the other hat's just the way it turned out (life is funny that way) I don't particularly like eye but it's all about learning different techniques to get to the end result After I've done the eyes it will be time to paint another Humming Bird

  2. crazyvet

    crazyvet Elite Member! Elite Member!

    Aug 12, 2018
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    Utah, USA
    well for me pretty much going to keep doing what I do lol
    I normally paint 2-3 hrs a day most days , I practice the basics ( lines dots and blends at least half an hour a day )
    I mainly use com art paints but I do have createx ill that I am playing with . in th next few months I do plan on some online courses just have not decided what one yet.
    I am always trying new things. I mainly paint on card stock as it works ok and is cheap lol

    My AB collection with most definitly grow as I basics buy a new AB every month

    As far as projects go I paint ALOT of skulls lol but I am always looking for new subjects to paint. I prefer high contrast photos. subject matter isnt important as long as it looks good .
  3. JackEb

    JackEb The Dragon Hunter Staff Member Admin

    Apr 21, 2012
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    Mt Barker, South Australia
    I've moved the thread to 'general airbrush discussion' as 'open bar' is for anything other than airbrush discussions :)

    As for your questions:
    How are you going to improve.
    by playing with my paints and learning what works and what doesnt​
    How long do you spend on practice
    Not enough, I have 1001 excuses but I really do need to schedule some 'paint' time a few nights a week.​
    What materials are you using
    Createx Wicked/wicked detail / Illustration. Etac EFX. an arsenal of Iwata airbrushes. ​
    Do you plan to change your substrate
    I have several synthetic papers that i've found, I also like Claybord and aluminium panels. I plan to try some illustration boards if I can find them. (finding airbrush / art suppliers in Australia is painful )
    What is your next project.
    A memorial piece for my sister but other than that I have nothing planned apart from getting a headstart on some generic Paint Pals for next year :)
    I'm still undecided about signing up for Marissa's course.....I'd like to do it but I also need to get into a painting routine to get the most out of the course.
  4. SiRoxx

    SiRoxx Party Boy UK Style Very Likeable!

    Aug 15, 2017
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    Well for me, the goal is still Automotive and Kustom painting. I want to get decent at Skulls, Flames, Biomech, maybe some Tiki stuff. Metal flake, Pearls, Candies and all that good stuff. I don’t really have any interest in sitting and painting any wildlife.
    But I admire the hell out of the people that do! The results I see here blow my fragile little mind and I can totally appreciate the Photo Realism aspect of airbrushing and really enjoy seeing the pieces produced. I guess I’m lucky in that it’s not what I want to do.
    Currently I have and Eclipse CS, a CM-C+ and a GSI P90. I have used Createx Wicked, AutoAir and Illustration. Currently I’m using Custom Series Solvents from Mick Neil of Airbrush Academy. My idols would be Craig Fraser, Scott MacKay, Jon Kosmoski, Ryno etc.
    In the future I’d love to be able to know k out awesome Kustom Paint including some Murals and all the fun automotive stuff.

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  5. jord001

    jord001 Air-Valve Autobot!

    Aug 23, 2012
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    Birmingham UK
    A few interesting questions there James..
    How are you going to improve? Well the only way is to keep on painting, however that's a bit of a sore point with me.

    How long do you spend on practice? The honest answer is I don't do any, but when I do get to paint I always have a little doodle before i start for 2 reasons,
    1) I get some trigger practice to get my muscle memory refreshed before I paint ( once you've been painting for a while it doesn't take long )
    2) You have a chance to get your paint mixture dialled in and make sure your airbrush is working correctly.

    What materials are you using?
    I have loads of paints, Trident, Com-art, Spectra-Tex, Madea Textile, Createx AutoAir, Candy2O, Wicked & CI, Inspire Solvents & H2O, Etac PS & Marissa Efx and most recently Airbrush Academy waterbased. My favourite is the Marissa Efx but I am now using the Airbrush Academy paints because they are genuinely good paints and also to support my friend Mick and local supplier/shop. (Mick has been working on them for many years) I still use the other paints as they all have their uses.

    Do you plan to change your Paper/Board/Dibond the list goes on & on?
    Nope, I use whatever I feel will be the best for that painting. Not keen on canvas but sometimes its the only option, I like clayboard now I've used it, and the synthetic papers are ok . Card stock is what I used most as its easy and cheap, it doesn't allow you to scratch and erase as well but it makes you a more careful painter..

    What is your next project?

    Got no plans on a project. I tend to paint on the fly, I don't paint for ages then I have an inspirational moment and I find a pic to paint. I have to be in the mood or its just a waste of time for me.
    I am working on a painting I started a few years back though, I have to finish it before Christmas, I promised I would. A little thank you to my mate for getting me some initial work with Triumph which has expanded into riding motorcycles full time.

    No set plans for the future, paint when I want to, help as many people as possible, Enjoy what I do paint. This is why I paint for myself excluding PP's of course. I don't enjoy being on a time limit or being under pressure to paint.

    I'm considering another course or class. Money isnt overflowing from my wallet so it's going to be a carefully thought out decision.
    Everyone is doing online courses or courses in a box type stuff at the moment, Dru, Marissa, Airbrush Tutor, the Airbrush Academy and probably others less known about so plenty to choose from.

    So I will be here to help and advise if I can and hopefully get to do some painting now and again when I feel the urge.

  6. Franc Kaiser

    Franc Kaiser Mac-Valve Maestro! Very Likeable!

    Mar 22, 2018
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    I like this topic, and i like to think and talk about the process. Hence, here is my attack plan....

    "How are you going to improve"
    • Reduce paint further and further (in my early days a few months ago i used everything straight out of the bottle)
    • Approach realism rather than fantasy. Study real nature. I hope to establish a pattern of one painting being more true to a realistic subject (i.e., a study of an animal), alternating with one painting where i go batshitcrazy (experimenting in both subject and technique). This would be a healthy tact.
    • Instead of improving airbrush painting, i am planning to take drawing human portrait courses (together with my wife and our daughter), to sharpen my eye and pencil for this practice.
    • More (pencil) sketching and planning before firing up the compressor, and a clearer working structure (different phases of the painting, so i can manage those and be more efficient).
    • Purchase more paint colors... my variety is pretty narrow currently (2 -3 colors only), so i need to invest a bit there.
    • Finally, i have been riding my Sparmax sp-20 AB to death, and i believe i could achieve better control over details with a better airbrush. Let's see whether this holds true!
    • In short: I will stick to my current MO for now. I like to exhaust all possible options within a certain constellation of all the variables, before experimenting with / investing in new tools or materials. The only change within the next 3 months will be a better AB.
    "How long do you spend on practice"
    • None. It's practice by doing.
    "What materials are you using"
    • Golden Highflow Acrylics
    • Golden Medium / Flow Extender (or whatever it's called, the names vary)
    • Some simple white pencils and erasers
    • Tons and tons of paper tissues
    "Do you plan to change your Paper/Board/Dibond"
    • I am currently using glossed cardboard panels. Not an ideal substrate.
    • Will try to get my hands on Schoellershammer paper or something similar.
    • This would also allow me to really use an eraser (which i currently can't).
    What is your next project
    • I am trying to finish 1 painting per week (6 - 10 h per painting).
    • For each painting, i got hundreds new ideas. My process is to eliminate (or postpone) ideas before settling on the one that i tackle immediately.
    • I am trying to pump out several more chicken-related paintings to establish a series around the same topic. This may take me until the end of the year. I got many other new series ideas (i won't spoil it here :))
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  7. basepaint

    basepaint Air-Valve Autobot! Very Likeable!

    Feb 18, 2014
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    west virgina
    To learn to paint better portraits
    Learn to match my paint colors closer to what I see!(I don't see well after a while painting my eyes water really bad!)
    Take at least one Dru Blair portraits class!
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  8. Squishy

    Squishy Queen Clown Slayer Mod

    May 8, 2012
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    Hampshire South Coast UK
    Good for you James, seems like you are grabbing this by the scruff of the neck, and can't help but reach your goals eventually. Determination is half the battle!

    As for me - How can I improve? - Erm...improve...nope...can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear lol

    Practice? What's practice? lol. I never even did the exercises starting out. And that explains the reason for the not improving lollollol

    My weapons of choice are my two beloved Iwatas. Eclipse and Micron, and Wicked paint.

    Do I plan to change my surface? Everything looks like a surface to me, so yes. But my faves are Clayboard, or aluminium.

    Next project? My aim is to have one, life interrupts from time to time.

    The future? Just keep loving ABing, as long as it's fun, it's all good.
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