What color are the teeth and the white of the eyes?



Hi all,,,,will like to know what is a basic color mix to use to paint the shadows on the teeth and on the white of the eyes (Are they basically the same? ).....I have seen on videos that if you paint the teeth first in a white backgrownd, looks scary lol.....but when you add the sorrounding colors of lips and so, everything matches nice....color many times plays with our perception of color......thanks in advance.

Definitely not white. It is quite dark and like you say, if you paint it without the surrounding colours, it looks totally wrong. I give a light coat of every colour of the skin in. Then later lighten it up.
What color are they in the reference? LOL..

Teeth and eyes will reflect a lot of local light and color sources so it really depends on the reference but yer as a base I'll generally respray it pure white (to cover any overspray from earlier work) and then go in with greys or reduced trans blacks to soften the white, add whatever color reflections then re-add some pure white highlights or wetspots..But they ultimately are all different pending on the reference and cld likely be done a dozen ways...GL
Thanks guys,hope my teeth get better lol...its an area where i have some problems...and in my opinion: An important one.
Here is a sample from a different app. The whites of the eye in this reference are a purplish blueish grey.
Hi jag, May you download this to your computer (windows) ?..or is only for apple?...looks like a great tool...and thanks for shearing.
You can use the eyedropper tool on nearly any photo editing software to get a color match, just be wary that the best tool is still your eyes, computers tend to lie a little when it comes to representing color truely and generally matches only an individual pixel.but it does help give some idea's as to what colors are present...GL :)