What colors do I need to make chrome



Hi all I'm working on a couple of semi rigs and I'm getting close to doing the wheels,tanks,and stack, so what colors would I need or how do I go about to make a chome look???? Thank in advance

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a light, a dark, a colour thats it, you don't actually make chrome because chrome is reflective so you just give ther impression of chrome......in the search bar type in "chrome tutorial"our fearless moderator recently done a tutorial on just that subject!


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Chrome reflects everything around it. No two chrome projects can be the same. The basic as in Cordyk's and Ed Hubb's tutorials will give the basic illusion but you will have to brink things like the environment and time of day into it.

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you can create an exelent chromeffect with black ... or you need a lot of colors ... it depends what the chrome reflects.


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Chrome reflects everything around it. No two chrome projects can be the same.

I agree, for a generic chrome look generally many just use a blue, yellow and a brown but there are many generic chrome looks LOL..To really get some oomph out of the look I think its important to reflect any color you think may be present in your bg or what may surround the chrome itself..GL and av fun with it..


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he i just was chekng in and i saw this thread ill check oot the video when i am done with my eye cool that was one of my questions i would think its allot like doing glass or a mirror.
i was thinking if i ever finish my hot babe in black i will probly paint a pole next to her
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You probably saw this, but here's a link i found very nicely shows how to give the chrome effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmZh3GHa-w0

I bought this video mainly because I love the way Kiwi Terry does his chrome.
He uses black ,white, blue but just mist it on so it does not go too blue and burnt orange or green . It was well worth it.
He also goes into how to view chrome and how chrome reflex from different viewing angles .