What colors ?



hi there :) ok i drop this question and i think that can be useful for everyone :D its better to buy lot of colors or just buying withe, black, red,blue and yellow and make your own colors ? i ask that to try save money a bit loll here a 16 oz bottle is around 40$cad loll let me know your preference pls
When I started: I started with the basics , Black ,white , red , blue and yellow in both trans and Opaque. Why way back when I was a young child in school the art teacher said with these colors you can make them all.
But as I got more into it I bought premixed colors to save time of having to mix paint every time I wanted to do a painting. Now if time was not in the factor I would still mix paint but it is not so premix is faster and in the long run saves you money.
But learning to mix color is a great way to learn.
Well that depends on the type of paint you are going to use.

Why is that? (Tutor style)

Well because automotive paint come in opaque and transparents for example.

So? Whats the difference?

Well some of those colors behave differently under same cercumstances.
A tranparent yellow can get invisible on black and bright on white, and another yellow can do the oposite for example.
In the tube they look the same, on your artwork they dont.

In the picture two different yellows, left bottom and right top look the same, but are on a different color underground.
yellow.pngYou can see the top yellow just dissapearings on a black underground. So two bottles needed here ;)

Your brand should have this online
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ok cool thx i have saw in store a little package who contain 6 colors ( createx ) but only in 4 oz and a bit expensive but with time i think im gonna save ma red blue and yellow loll and buy bottle by bottle . the matter are the store is at 20km from my home loll for 4 oz bottle its a real joke lmao
You will be surprise at how little paint you will use in an airbrush and how long a 4oz bottle will last you.
I was:D
probably lol like i start i think its "normal' i use a lot of paint if i want be better its not with water im gonna do lol