What compresor?



I want buy cheper compresor for painting cars by spraygun and airbursh. Can you tell me what compresor can i buy?
What specifications?
Here's a quick one I found on Ebay to give ya a thought/idea, if you only want to AB cars a smaller tanked version wld do fine, but if you do want to do base coats and clear coating, something with a larger tank storage may be the go so your not constantly waiting for the smaller 30 litre types to catch up...


If you can afford to you could even go a bit bigger..But I prob wldnt go under about 50 litre tanks without running the risk of loosing air mid coat...BTW if your not planning to use it everyday for such the cheapies will prob serve ya well, if your going to be doing a lot you may want to think about a more industrial model...