What do you guys think of Veda?



I'm so new that I don't even know what I'm looking for. My airbrushing technique still needs work so I might as well just blow through a sippy stray for all I know. Fortunately I haven't spent much money. I managed to pick up a Veda 130E for a song and I like it so far. As I've said I don't have enough knowledge to know what I'm comparing or what I'm comparing it to.

Have any of you guys ever tried Veda airbrushes? Do you like them? For the price I figured it would be enough for me to learn some of the basics at least without getting too deep into it.
Hello mate, yup you are exactly right, enough to get started and learn the basics but when you get a but more serious then you wil be wanting to upgrade to a proper branded brush, the veda is basically a chinese knock off of a quality brush called the micron made by iwata......it's the airbrush equivalent of the chi-phone.it wil do what you want for the mean time but as you improve possibly think about upgrading
I agree with Fez, if it's doing what you want, keep practicing with it, no sense in forking out big bucks until you are at least sure you never want to stop, I have brushes which are the same as you have but just have a different name, and Is till use them even now.
gahawn - from my limited experience, and I know this might not exactly be answering your question - but get some decent paint up front. I now have a few pots of paint that i have basically given to my kids to shoot with as I will probably never use them. find a decent art/airbrush shop in your area and get some advice there too (assuming the sales person knows what they are talking about). other than that - I am sorry that I cant give any advice regarding your veda. :)
Hi Gahawn,
I have a Veda 134 side feed and the Veda 180 Micron knockoff. The Veda's are generally one of the better made Chinese knockoff makes and I was reasonably surprised at how well they spray in general. However I found mine no good for detail work as I could never get a consistent straight fine line out of them. As I now have 2 x Iwata's and 1 Badger airbrush I'd never need to use them for detail but I would use one of them with the 0.5mm needle setup as a basecoat and maybe a topcoat airbrush.

They are not so easy to dissemble because they have more parts. They have lots of o-ring seals which are vulnerable, especially the nozzle which has an o-ring which is very easily squashed from over tightening so be careful with that.

Your 130E is an Iwata HP-CS knockoff I think and I've never used one but I have heard from quite a few experienced airbrushers who are quite happy with their Veda's, mostly the WD180's. If you are happy with your Veda that's great and it sounds like you got a good one so enjoy.
Cheers Mel