What do you think he applied here?


Daniel D

This isn't the clear coat. This is like a coat that makes it sparkle right before clear coat.


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sweet could you get me a link? There is so many to choose from idk which is the right one. Also how would you put it on? Is the inter coat already mixed with the pearl or do I need to add an inter coat of a clear or soemthing?
Createx Hot Rod Sparkle gives a good effect, Simon Murray has a you tube vid of it I think. Not sure what that is though.
similar effects yes it is a powder that is added to intercoat or pearl and flake carrier sorry it is ice pearls not ultra metallic
You can add dry pearls and flakes to wicked /auto air trans base too. Then clear it.
Hey what is this?! He added this and it made a reaction and the pain was like moving?!

And sorry guys you will be getting TONS of questions from me!


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