what is causing this? pic attached


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hey guys. i was playing with the reduction ratio between the reducer and the paint yesterday. I have used createx illustration colors, reducer which comes with them and the second reducer was 100 from createx too. the reducer which comes with createx illustration seems more watery to me than w100 but it's just a thought. anyway. i was playing with this ratios (reducer: paint) - 2:1, 4:1, 6:1, 10:1, pressure 10-30 psi. usually around 20. i was able to draw very nice hair thin lines ...but...

while drawing the line with the very same constant pressure on the trigger (and the very same distance between the gun and drawing, suddenly way more "watery" paint came out of the gun and immediately started to spider. no matter what pressure i have used, no matter what ratio i have used, it just always happened. if you watch that 'yellow" pic, that spider what you see is what happened by drawing drawing that very same thin line...

the gun was iwata custom micron c+, 0.23 nozzle. needle and nozzle were absolutely clean and not damaged. another interesting fact is that the paint was quite often spidering on one side only. there was a very little dry paint on the needle tip, but that is normal.

any advices please?

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Might be inconsistent air pressure at your regulator. Or not mixing the paint enough. I also know with my micron any paint on the needle affects how it sprays.

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hmm..i don't think that needle has something to do with this. this is more about of sudden amount of paint coming out of the gun. i use small badger compressor with 3l air tank and there is a moisture trap with regulator between the gun and compressor. so i assume that this should be ok.

paint not mixed properly.i have to investigate this. just in case.

by the way what reduction ratio (at around 10-20psi) works best for micron and createx illustration? what is your experience?
Possible the air pressure. I use to have the same results with my first air compressor for tcpglobal. It ha no storage for air and would fluctuate in pressure. Or possible too much pressure for close work. In that case a PAC or Mac valve helps from switching to hard to soft absorbent textiles. Hope this helps. Nothing more frustrating than a new gun that doesn't spray properly. Good luck fellow artist. Sorry if I wasn't of any help.
I am using 4:1-5:1 currently. Not sure of the pressure, I would say 15psi or less. I just use a Mac valve, my regulator is set at 50 psi for when I do shirts.

I have used higher reductions. At similar pressure.

Maybe some clogging issues? Try straining your paint just in case. I have had those issues as well with my micron. Think it was a different pain though.

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I am wondering if you are having the same issues I am......
I am working on something now that is alot bigger than my normal size. So i was pre mixing...reducing paint so I would have enough. The reducer and paint wouldn't mix. And I went through everything....when I tryed, it would be fine then just spider like crazy...same variables
I am planning to start my own thread about this, (great, now im committed...lol) I dont want to hyjack this one....
there are a number of factors that cause spidering that I have come across.
1) Pressure too high with too much reduction.
2) too close to the substrate or too slow line - but this also relates back to 1)
3) spidering on one side means you are getting too much air coming out one side of the nozzle, either you needle is bent or there is a clog/dirt/dry paint in the nozzle (trust me I know)
4) your material is not absorbing paint - refer back to 1)
5) water gets into your airline - I actually use two water traps whenever I can - one just after the compressor and a mini one on the AB......BUT I now use compressed air form a scuba tank and MAN that makes a huge difference. but its not cheap to set up from scratch. nor are there many peeps that do it.
6) as wmlepage says - if the reducer hasn't mixed properly with the paint then you will be getting different viscocities travelling through your nozzle.

hope this helps - and good luck :)
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so i got 2 new wicked (detail) paints today. black and red. i was playing with the thinning a bit - 6:1, 4:1, 2:1, 1:1 and still had the problem with sudden spiders etc. i got my custom micron from canadian store mapleairbrushsupplies.com and they gave me one free sample of violet trident paint. so i gave it a try and man..that was like walking in a paradise! compare to wicked, eh..can't even compare..the difference was huge! nice flow, no dry needle tip, no clogs..i have thinned it with w100 and with diluted alcohol (75% water, 25% alcohol and 2 drops of glycerin) and i think that w100 was slightly better. working pressure was around 10-20 and reduce ratio...2:1, 3:1. but i would say that 3:1 felt too much. 2:1 was just enough! what is your experience with trident paints?

so basically it seems that wicked / createx just kept clogging the nozzle and i have to filter them. what do you reckon guys? what should i use as a very fine filter?

i am just wondering - if you bend the needle how the painting looks like?

by the way i would love to know what kustom gun has used cory saint clare when he was painting that wolfman poster. his reducing ratio was 2:1 and he was using wicked (detail) paints too. i know that he had iwata kustom, but hard to say which exactly. the most expensive comes with 0.3 nozzle so i just assume that that was the gun he used. when i would use 2:1 on my custom micron it would clogged in no time and he did the whole poster with that. so is 0.23 - 0.3 difference really that huge when it comes to airbrush?

and last question - seems kinda impossible to completely cover dark tones with bright ones when using water based acrylics (wicked, createx etc) for example yellow over black. because when i reduce yellow lets say 4:1, that paint looks like semi transparent when applied. do urethane paints become semi - transparent too when reduced? or are they still nicely opaque?