What paint is this?


Detail Decepticon!
I have this little mini vac and the paint blows me away every time I look at it. It seems to be a satin finish to start with. Then it is a deep blue, almost purple with purple highlights. At least that's what it looks like to me.

Is this a pearl type finish under a satin clear? (maybe it's not even paint, but powder coat). Is this reproducible via AutoAir/Wicked?


The colour is very similar to HOK burple , on the vac it is probably a direct finish as in its satin appearance with no type of clear . Now to reproduce something similar I would go with mixing your deepest colour (blue ) then I would use base clear with some purple ghost pearl added ,this then followed by your clear of choice ie satin ,Matt or gloss . Justin James at specialist paints .com now has a place in the states that should be able to supply you something very close if you would rather just get it rfu .
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Yup thats interference pearl paint no doubt.
Somewhere around here i just did some test pieces using interference pearls that i mixed myself. Unfortunately with the art room undergoing major surgery... i wont be able to dig them out.
Interference pearl? Man there are a lot of pearls, or people just use different names for the same things? Interference, ghost, ICE pearls, it seems go on and one.

My gist is a pearl either reflects a specific color or not at all, or it reflects one color from one angle and another color from a different angle. Does that about sum it up?
Pearls are just pearls LOL, many different names according to their effect..They are basically semi transparent, iridescent powders thats added to bases or other paint..Ghost pearls have very little pigment thus they are ghostly and mainly intensify the color they are used with, candy pearls have a little more pigment and are designed to compliment the color they are sprayed onto or with and interference pearls basically just absorb or reflect light in various ways..Much more to it but thems the basics but generally all just come under the pearl banner..To do a similar effect I would find a nice metallic blue or paint a candy blue over a silver, then spray numerous coats of a candy purple lightly..Also look into xcrylics, they would produce a similar effect on the right kinda base but would have a bit more color change look and seems to be a mix between a candy, ghost and interference and personally really like using xcrylic blues, purples and mother of pearl for various stuff..good luck m8..
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Looks like a dyson dc31 animal, great minivac. I have the non-animal version (orange one), but I have a dc24 animal and absolutely love the color and engineering on those vacuums, I can literally tear the entire thing apart to peices in less than an hour and put it back together just as easily, had to replace the main motor after 5-6 years, the bushing that the ball rides on and the battery for the handheld; all still running amazingly. I know, that had nothing to do with your question...

I wouldn't know how to replicate that color/effect off top my head, but the above recommendations seem really good! Hope you figure it out. Make sure to show us your final result! :)