What paint to use as a primer for wood.


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I have a Spinning Wheel that I would like to paint. Its cleaned, sanded and ready to go.
I was reading on the net that wood needs to be primered. I didnt know that.

Anyways, I want to use my airbrush and badger spectratex and createx acrylic paints. Its been 7+ years since Ive
been airbrushing and am totally out of the loop on all the paints these 2 companies have out now. Im sure they have
a lot more now, and more options these days.

Im wondering what one/type you folks would recommend I use as a primer. Or if they dont have paints geared towards that end,
do you know of one you would recommend? Im trying to stick with acrylics.

Does either company have a paint that is geared towards that end?

Mmmmm i just recommend you to avoid paint on your wood but you should have to polish this wooden made anything because the polish is better than paint i am doing the Surfbaord and Kayak making business and i am polishing on the wooden made Surfbaord and Kayaks not using the paints...
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It doesn't need to be primed as such with any special primers as wood does have pretty good adhesion properties, more sealed (pretty much the same thing though LOL) and you can do that with what you have, wood obviously is porous so will soak in the paint, use a base color and spray it on until you have the color coverage you want..The first few coats will seep into the wood and lighten in color and start sealing/priming the pourous nature of the wood, eventually with enough coats it will no longer bleed into the wood and it will begin to create a solid color/base coat..You could also use a clear to do this, I believe Createx makes its own so perhaps you could use this as a base to seal the wood and then color base over the top as an alternative..Either or would work fine

I just use an acrylic base color spray pack for sealing/priming wood (Saves using my expensive airbrush paints), just takes a few coats and once sealed will be fine to airbrush with any acrylic paint..GL
Do you want the wood to show through the paint? If so your best bet is to use a 2k catalyzed clear coat to seal the wood first. If you don't need the wood to show through the paint job, then a 2k primer/sealer works great to seal the wood. It's not a good idea to paint directly on top of wood with a water based paint as the water in the paint can have a negative effect on the wood over time. It could cause swelling or even splitting of the wood.
I agree with JT .... A two part clear or primer/sealer will work the best .
things can really depend on the wood . If your looking for a quick fix check out the spraymax line of aerosol primers and clear . It's a can within a can ! These are inexpensive ways to do smaller jobs if you don't have a primer or clear gun . You could then work with Auto air sealers for a base . We paint right onto the wood with waterbase and urethane and have never seen an issue . It soaks in and doesn't cover very well but it adheres great.
Link for spraymax there are both two part and one part products .
Coast Airbrush Products
there is also a free video on coastairbrushtv.com on the spraymax line .
Bare wood can cause your base to change colors as well. Either through the absorption of some of the pigment into the wood. Using a sealer, or min wax, then sanding lightly works pretty good. Or... Go find an autozone and grab some of the rattle can sandable primer (duplicolor I think)... It will stick straight to wood and leaves an excellent base for your paint...
Just remember thought that waterbase paints will swell the wood a little. So if you're using a scotch or irish tension wheel then you have to watch out for that. Don't want to mess up bits where the flyer sits and spins. The treadles and footman should be fine. I have an old Dutch castle style with Irish tension. I've also seen where people have flamed out their Schacht wheels. There is a company here on the web that sells Target Coatings. Excellent for use on wood. They have clear sandable sealers, clears that are matt, eggshell or shiny and specialty paints for wood. The cost is middle of the road and they are actually designed to be used in an hvlp. But you can also brush em on with a hairy brush as well.
Target Coatings Water Based Ultra Low VOC Wood Finishes and Specialty Coatings