What size needle do I have?



How do I determine what size needle my Iwata HP-B is currently using?

I want to buy some new needles from CoastAirbrush. Here is a list of parts available from them.


If I buy, say, a 0.2 nozzle , would I be fine buying the same size needle?


Use this page as a reference for the parts you need to buy. The parts numbers correspond to the numbers on the Coast Airbrush page. IWS-1751 corresponds to I-175-1 for instance.

This is possibly a handy guide for identifying the the parts we need, but I have the Iwata HP-BH plus which has the same parts, and here in Holland I got the nozzle, nozzle cap and needle for two thirds of what they are asking only for the nozzle, and the shop is 20 minutes away from so no postage, they even installed and tested the parts for me at no extra cost.

It absolutely amazes how some of suppliers can sleep at all with the ridiculous prices they charge, when you consider that the parts are made by people who are seriously underpaid, so the mark up is pure and simple theft, they have us by the goolies without a doubt because we obviously can't do a thing with out the parts.

Badger brushes and H&S brushes are made of the same materials yet the prices are considerably lower, so naturally you start to wonder why that is.