What to expect when switching from paper to ill. Board



Found a local art shop that cuts hot press illustration board to whatever size you need so I picked up a few sheets and will probably do something on it tonight... But seeing how I'm going from 18x24 70# sketch pad paper to 18x24 crescent hot press illustration board... What should I expect to be different when I start to paint?

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Well it wont wrinkle. If careful you can use eraser techniques. It does have a texture to it. I would not do any masking unless its very low taxk.

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Here's a question... Low tack frisket.... Can I use it or no

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I think frisket would be safe enough although I can't guarantee that, but I would suggest you may experience a little spidering to start with, the board sucks in a lot less than paper.
Depending on the way the illustration board is layered, if you cut through the top layer, it may lift. We used some version of Crescent last year at the Airbrush Getaway and it had that problem.
I also had problems with frisket adhesive using W500 reducer, the solvent in it made the frisket adhesive stick to my painting.