What type of paint?


Gravity Guru
In the near future, I will be painting a sign for a bar on the side of the building. The surface to be painted is stucco that has been painted with sherwin williams latex paint. I need a paint that will not have any bad reactions with the existing paint, as well as resist the effects of being exposed to weather and sunlight for half of every day. I have Golden High Flow Acrylic, and HOK urethane currently, but I'm not sure if either is appropriate. I am thinking of using a bristle brush to put down a base coat, then the AB to make a wood grain effect. Also, any suggestions on how to prep the surface before paint?
I would use a sealing undercoat as the base to be sure
Just my 5 cents worth
I would suggest you try a small, inconspicuous spot for a trial with any paint you might be thinking of.
Latex is one of those horrible products that react very differently to each type of paint.
Some solvent based paints will devour it, some water based paints will be repellled by it and some others won't adhere to it.
I'd wash the surface down with soapy water, just to remove any dirt or dust first, then try your paint.
Should be good to go after this.
As for the wood grain, have a look in the Airbrush Tutor heading under textures.
Great tips for doing that stuff in there.