What type of paint



Hi to all.
Am new in this forum, and the first time am doing this job.
I have a model airplane made from die cast and I want to re paint it, I use the createx opaque colors and when its dry it was still sticky.
I finish with the top coat. when I come to take off the masking tape the paint went off to.
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Hi Galfar I'm not really sure about the diecast models, but did you first scuff the project before you did your painting? The Createx opaque paints ok but I like the wicked opaque better, Like you I've had the same problem and I was told that the prep work wasn't good enough but tried scuffing your project with commet household cleaner and use a scottbrite gree scrubbing pads. But just to be sure wait and see what some of the more experience at it more than me. But I do wish you the best of luck and welcome to the forum Happy Holidays
Createx are designed for Textiles and not metal, When they will cover metal , adhesion is a problem.
As Graywolf stated you have to scuff the surface , Wicked (made by Createx ) is design to paint any surface, But it is best to take a a blow dryer or heat gun and heat set the paint to ensure proper dying.
Temperature of the area also effect drying times and how the paint bonds to the metal. If the metal it to cold it will no stick to well to the surface.
You want your work area to be at least 70 Degrees .
Hi Graywolf
Yes I do some csuffing ,I use the badger send bluster, I use it lately.
thanks & Happy Holidays to you and your family all.
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Try to use some adhesion promoter and refinishing urethane paints, you will be surprised with finish product.