What's a good clearing gun with a low price tag


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Turns out this place is a ghost town . Not going to make allot of money until fall when the snow birds return. I finally got the idea that I can't apply clear with an air brush and I don't want to open a can of spray max whenever I need to clear a small object . The bike is coming along nicely but I do need a clearing gun thanks
I use one from Sprayit, LVLP, they make a full size and a mini. You can get them on Amazon or from Coast

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I have put clear through my mini sata gun but for a whole bike it doesn't hold enough.
I use a HVLP which doesn't put out too much overspray (wasted paint costs money)
My personal favorite clearing gun is an ANI R1 hps with a 1.2 nozzle set up. I'm not that big a fan of their HVLP guns, though. At least not the mini's, anyway.

I don't remember what the CFM requirements are offhand, but I remember that they're on the low side for a mini-gun. The high pressure system atomizes reeeeally nicely, and the spray pattern is even and easy to control. Basically, if I can clear something with one, I'd think almost anyone can.

I want to try some of the Iwata guns, just haven't had the extra cash yet.
I clear all my own projects and started off with an hvlp gun from harbor freight for about $50. I still use it for spraying SG100. Now I use my Iwata lph400 for clearing because it just rocks but comes with a hefty price of $600 or more.
That's what I can't afford lol I'm thinking of cutting the bottom off a small spray can and clamping a fitting for an air hose and re filling it and just use the nozzle from the spray max can lol
I got one of the $49 guns from Home Depot to cover me in a jam and it sprays really nice. I was impressed

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This is the one I'd recommend. AOM Spray - Asturo HVLP and HTE (RP) Spray Guns

You'll probably have to scroll down a bit, but it's the 878WB. I have two of them right now. One is a 1.2 nozzle, the other I got as the kit with the 1.0, 1.2, and 1.5 nozzles. They'll spray damn near anything well, water or solvent basecoats, clears, sealer, even urethane primer if you thin it out a bit. Then clean it REALLY well.

For just clear coats, I like the ANI R1 HPS 1.2 better, but it has a few downsides. Like the blank stare you get when you mention "ANI" at your local jobber. You can order anything you want, but you have to track down the US distributor first, and hope they actually answer the phone.

The 878WB, on the other hand, is a gun you CAN find parts for from at least a few websites. Plus the kit comes with a rebuild kit, as well. It really works very well for all sorts of applications, and can be easily set up. Plus, the fan on those things is ridiculous for a mini-gun (close to 12" at full fan, I would guess, with no "barbell" spray pattern).
Mine have been working for 3 or 4 years now with no issues at all (knock on wood), and I regularly make them do things they simply weren't meant to do. lol. As long as you keep these clean, they'll last quite a while. Even my gun washer can't kill them (and it eats Harbor Freight guns for breakfast. lol)

ALL of the mini-guns I've found for cheaper just haven't even come close to competing. And, all of the mini-guns I bought at Lowes or Harbor Freight or wherever are now in the same place, the trash can.