whats a good heavy sprayer


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im planing to start my color camron diez.the only problem i dont have any more airbrush panels so i have to use an old one that has oa painting i dont like on it and that happens to be the kreuk panel although the lips came out awesome and the retinas the rest i wasnt happy with so i cleaned off the panel and got my prints for Cameroon so even though thhe panel is still white it has marks all over it and i want to start over fresh, tomorrow i will spray the panel with a good old fashion white enamel primer and Thain wet sand it thain start my painting. my question would be any recommendations for a heavy sprayer everybody's going on about fine detail. i haven't sent in my 150 yet and im in no hurry to order any more infinity parts, although a .6 set up and large color cup would work I just figured i would ask about something that can actually spray slightly water d down gesso
Depends how watered down the gesso would be LOL..A mini touch up gun could be a good bet, airbrush wise the Badger Anthem has a pretty coarse spray but dunno if it would suit gesso...Never tried..Perhaps try a few works on metal panels m8, if ya bugger anything up all you need to do is break out some thinners, re-base and start again...GL
I like the Anthem 155 as a heavy sprayer also there is the colani by H&S which has options for some larger nozzles grex also has some nice options with there trigger style sprayers and also there x1000 spray gun if you are interested in a grex drop me a pm I am a distibutor I will also be carrying there paint which is etac rebadged private stock and EFX. Also paasche has the talon kit which comes with a fan sprayer with it also a distributor for them. You have allot of options here. I'm not familiar with how thick water downed gesso is so I'm just shooting out larger nozzle options to ya.
I guess i don exactly mean gesso. I am a bit fussy canvas is for oil painting microns and kromes are for doing photo like finishes on smooth surfaces. However canvas is a lot cheaper and easier to obtain and wood framed canvas does not require an expensive frame to display a painting in a public place , i have 4 paintings all 18x24 that require frames before i can display them. If iI get framed canbas base coat with thick white cheap acrylic Liquitex paint which does dry to a water resistant surface i can wet sand with 300 grit and wind up with a suitable finish I do it all the time its just that the infinity with a .4 set up takes forever and the paint has to be thin, not good. a .6 nozzle set costs 60 dollars and a large cup i think about 30 if i buy that its the same cost as a brand new 150
i found a cheap paint that works well it called Americana , a 236 ml bottle of thick un reduced paint costs about 3 dollars and it air dries hard and water resistant also i am not doing any work with the micron on un prepaird canvas lol thats not what its for
Your Badger 150 with a course needle in will do an OK job of heavier base coats m8, the Anthem will do it a touch better, dont be afraid to use a paintbrush or small roller to base a canvas, especially if your sanding it anyway..and PS Your micron/chrome is just a detail gun, can be used in any application you want detail and on any surface :) If you want really smooth surfaces to paint thats easy to prep, again try metal..Canvas is cheap but when you take into account your prep time, its not much cheaper than other alternatives..Good luck