whats difrant btween krome&velocity


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its a simple thread im considering buying a krome i am kind of depressed cant see buying a custom micron thinking my airbrushing days are drawing to an end doesn't seem to be any money in this i thought since i severely injured my leg in an accident i could sit at home and do airbrush portraits but im not going to prep a canvas and spend several days on a portrait to sel it for a weaselly 50 bucks i also don't want to come off as being in it for the money but i am unemployed. I have a decent tax return coming next month an can easily pay a month and a half rent and get a custom micron but i have an infinity and it seems to do real fine detail if i use the right paint i dont need to get a patriot i have a 360 same gun probably better, you can rotate the head and throw in a heavy nozzle and paint jar rotate the head again throw in a super fine set up and have a gravity feed i also already have a velocity which seems to work ok but i want to send it in for a check up since i had my problem a year ago it never seemed to work the same again and my guess i might have damaged it some way if i send it in badger seems to stand by there equipment very well and if there is a problem they might just send back a new gun so for the best bang for my buck i can order a krome but i am just curious if there is any difference other Thain a super lubricated trigger rubber comfy thing and a chrome finish is it the same needle set or is it different ??? if i were making monney i wood get a micron with out thinking twice i cant do automotive stuff i dont even think anybody in this whole area even has a car bike or boat with any kind of custom work unless there hiding it in th garage
If you've got an Infinity you do not need another gun unless it is broken. If you look at YouTube videos from Svee, you will see what he does with an Infinity.
yea maybe i should just get paint although a good point to having more thain 1 gun is to avoid switching between collors i get si frustraited when i go back and forth from black yellow white it would be nice to just have crome ,,, yellow infinity black velocity white espesialy when doing space art or fire, feathers , and other projects i find myself constantly switching back and forth its just the way i paint
no difference between the krome and the velocity mate, they both use the super fine needle set up, you would achieve similar with both brushes I believe mate ......damn good brushes anyhow
Lets see, as for the differences which doesn't affect the performance between the models. First is that the krome has a color cup similar to the patriot, nice n big and easy to clean. The internals are more akin to what's inside a sotar instead of a velocity.
Either way the brush has been for me, a work horse, has stood up to some serious abuse (yeah I tend to drop my airbrushes from a scaffold. LOL) Love the little rubber cap thingy just for that reason.
I love my krome and my patriot. Each does what they are supposed to do and then with a little practice thrown in the mix can do a whole lot more.
I wood like to ad the krome to my arsenal its cheep enough however i already own a velocity i don't understand one thing iv heard the krome will out do the velocity if it is the same gun minus coating and trigger ill stick to the velocity there is another gun to look into that's cheap is the 100 it has the same nozzle as the 150 and i liked the way my 150 worked when it worked it did do fine work also all this going on about fine detail i already have an infinity. i seem to enjoy air brushig iv been doing it for some time now and dont feel like stopping anytime soon howeve i do need to find a job perhaps i should plan on doing the right thing and get an iwata custom micron probably be the best idea in the long run which would bring me to another question if i bend a needle on a micron since its a matched set do i need to buy a replacement needle nozzle or can i just get a needle which Thain leads to another question what is meant by a matched head assembly if you bend a needle and can just get a new one thain its not a matched assembly. i cant afford to keep buying matched head assemblies every time i lawn LAWN DART* my airbrush.so the way i recon it if i keep going with the portrait work at this rate and i get lucky enough to take place in Marissa's class in Massachusetts next year i should be one ornirairy portrait artist Thain all this work should pay off and for the first time in my life i can do what i actually enjoy and hope fully get paid to do it, he how cool would that be

*LAWN DART To accidently launch or drop your airbrush with out using the protective cap and have it mysteriously land needle first thus causing unrepairable damage causing screaming and expensive shipping charges to aquire a new needle nozzle set
I have to say i also have the same cup on my velocity that's a good point i don't know how many models of velocity there are but the cup is huge you can see all the way down to the needle i think i am confused ill wait to tax time i get a refund ill se whats going on Thain ill make a decision the krome appears to be an awesome gun and its cheap a couple of nights out of the gin mill would pay for one straight away
The difference in the Krome vs. the Velocity is features and triggering feel. The micrometer trigger stroke setting and the finger/thumb rest being the two notable features. The trigger linkage has a "softer" spring so it's a lighter pull on the trigger to adjust color flow. Spray performance is identical on the two airbrushes. The Krome 2 in 1 also has the .3 needle/nozzle set up. But you could get the conversion kit and put the .3 in your Velocity if you wanted to.
thanks ken that prety much answers what i wanted to know i think if i get some extra bucks ill get a krome just to have an extra gun i am happy with the infinity