whats the best airbrush to use for the worksheets


james lemin

hi all, im just wondering whats the best size set up to use on the worksheets, i have 3 airbrushes, a badger krome (r-60 needle not sure of size ultra fine conversion), a badger patriot 105 (.3 size set up i think) and a badger vega (.4 set up), what would you recommend to use as a practice brush.
also any advice on dagger strokes would be great as i seem to struggle on these im trying to get as much practice in as possible before i have a course with mike niel in november

thanks in advance
Today I tried them with the .2mm setup, and it worked fine for both the super small dots in the bottom row as well as the big ones on the top. But if you want to make the big dots dark you have to work in layers, else the color will run. With the .4mm setup that wasn't too much of an issue to me.

Well, that's just my two cents, I'm also just starting out.
I probably wouldn't go with the Krome. Smaller needle/nozzle takes more accurate reductions for good paint flow. The Patriot defaults with a .5 unless you converted it. The .5 is pretty forgiving when it comes to reductions. Never used a Vega, so can't really give an opinion on that one.