What's the best size compressor ???


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Hi everyone :)
I am looking at changing the way in which i finish the coat racks i have been making.They are roughly round about 2.5 ft long or maybe a little longer(but not much) by about 1.5 ft and they are made from MDF i do a lot of scroll work on them so it's not just one solid piece to cover i was wondering if i used a Spraygun HVLP gravity feed with a 0.8 set up which i need to use an oil based primer on to seal the MDF other wise the grain raises and looks a mess lol then finish it with an acrylic hard wearing black satin what size compressor will i get away with without running the tank dry and possibly getting some pulsing while the compressor kicks in for a refill
I have been trying to research but there isn't any info as to what area a receiver will cover with a certain sprayer or air brush set up .What i want is to spray my racks for now whilst learning my airbrushing basic as i did do some spraying years back so hopefully it wont take me long to get my arm back in and i can begin at some point to put some airbushing detail if and when i'm up to it lol i really want to learn as much a is possible but i'm stuck on what compressor will work
From what i have seen and read i was wondering if a 25 litre compressor/receiver will do for the larger areas and if i have a some kind of reducer for my airbrush work.Is that right or have i got the wrong end of the stick lol ;) It's frustrating as i want to get started but would be happy I can get one compressor thatisn't to load for indoor use that will work for every thing.......as with my back being knackered money is tight but i do believe in the age old adage "You get what you pay for " but it would be nice if i could bend that adage a tad
Thank's ever so much for reading any light that anyone could shed on this would be extremely appreciated indeed all the best Mat ;))
Figured that is the best way for you to pick what will work best for you.
Me. I have a silent air 50 for airbrushing but have a 60 gallon 2 stage in the garage for automotive work and to run the lift.

but mainly this way you can see what is out there how they differ and pick one that you can live with noise wise and spray wise. hope it helps.
My thoughts on compressors are "Get the biggest one you can afford"....Yes, they are loud and noisy, but you can set them outside under a box and run your airhose inside if needed. The way I see, is that I want the biggest compressor unit with the largest storage tank I can have. The large capacity tank will keep the unit from kickin on/off as often....the large compressor will allow the unit to fill the tank quickly plus be able to keep up should I use air hogging tools such as an air sander. So my unit ended up being a 220volt, 6.5hp, 2stage compressor, with 65gal tank that sits in my storage shed now, but I'm fixing to move into my garage and run airlines over to the shop I do most of my painting in.

When I first got serious about airbrushing, I purchased a small oilless compressor with a 12 gal tank....I used it in the dining room cause that was the only place in my mobile home I could airbrush....it was terribly noisy, but a foam lined box with vents helped kill a bunch of noise, but it was still super loud......Still yet, it did what I needed it to do, till I could do something else.
If you want to do continuos spraying you may want a big bigger than a 25 litre. Thats what I use and I can just get a car side done before I really have to let it completely fill again..and that's just..If your starting and stopping a lot as you probably would with frames it will probably be OK but as mentioned, the bigger you can afford the better or setup an extra resavour of a 25 litre..Never hurts having more than you need, but it can if you don't have enough :) GL
Thank's everybody lots of great info there it's now given me the peace of mind as to what will do ;) Again peeps thank's very very much ;) now just got to decide on my airbrushes......... ;( ;)
Oh forgot to say off the scour Ebay ;( wish me look hahahaha. Again thank's everyone :) :) :)