Whats the procedure on a new project??



As a complete noob i am asking this just so I can put it away for later use. I hope that makes sense.

I play a game called EVE Online which has some amazing space ships and tbh some not so amazing ones :)

And i am wondering if I was to plan a project to airbrush one of them what would be the procedure to do this.

My thinking is to print out a screen shot and use that as a template/stencil and then freehand the rest.

But if you look at the ships Spaceships - Explore a Wide Range of Space Vessels - EVE Online i feel free handing is possibly only for those who are very good at airbrushing.

Would this be correct or is there a better - easier - simpler way of doing something like this.

Many thanks
Draw it on paper in ink. Then place some masking film over it and trace it. Place on your surface and start cutting out the different section. I would use masking film throughout the whole project.
I agree with AndreZA on this one. Masking template, as you paint an area, after is is totally dry you can re apply the masking to protect the work. When you have all the section painted you can than go in and touch up any area you need to.
You may have to play with the contrast of the screen shot in order to make out all the detail from what I saw on the web site it would be hard to get good detail off a straight screen shot being how dark everything is.
yeah it is a bit dark but i doubt they will change the game so i can airbrush easier :D

Not a big problem i know enough to be able to photoshop any screen shot to get what i want and if need be i can always create layers and trace stuff on my pc first to create a sort of layed wireframe and then print out each layer separately. will take a while but as they say "if its worth doing its worth doing well"

thanks for the advice. o/
There is the easy way and the hard way, since u are a beginner go as stated with friskfilm, airbrush those hard shapes freehand is certainly possible, but its really hard and time consuming.
U can freehand some here and there to soften it a bit, but frisk film would take some time but it would be easy and rewarding.