whats this worth $75???

is it a cappuccino machine??? Keg cooler?? Buuuut seriously.. make ? model? cfm? Tank? Quite ?noisy ? sorry but for me at least not much to go on
they say it had a tank....its a bunn yes...BA 400A
OMG, I thought when you guys were saying it looked like a "Bunn" you were making fun of it looking like a damn coffee machine, and then I Googled it. HAHA shows how long it's been since I've been around here.
I just bought one on eBay, still waiting for it to come in this week... has this compressor worked for anyone airbrushing? What ir the maximum psi pressure output? Can it handle 3-4 airbrushes at once? - curious to know... J. Rodriguez
If it works well you should be happy with it at 35 lpm it should keep up with at least a few airbrush's