whats up orange



hey every one I'm new to the orange and been away from forums for a while putting in work. would like to get involved with the airbrush community to chat post work and share ideas. if anyone remembers me long time no talk and every one else hello :smile-new:
Welcome home AirJunky, Nice to have you in the family and look forward to seeing your work.
thanks mr.micron the forum is set up killer gonna take some time but pretty easy so far!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home, like i do.:eagerness:
Welcome to family!! Glad your back and joined us here!! Look forward to seeing some of your work, and learning from ya as well ;)

"Sometimes you have to let one slip......just to remind people your $#!+ really does stink ;)
hey dude, welcome along! its a great place to hang out, you should find it really forward thinking, this place is more than just words on a screen, there is always something going on here, be it picture of the month, competitions, a new idea of a collective art work and various other things....members are great, friendlyand helpful so dive in, show us your work and have fun!!!
Welcome aboard mate, you will fit in just fine n dandy, show us ya stuff and jump right in :)