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Hi guys, goin to be doin my xbox case and wanted to do a pic of a car from forza. but in the pic the wheels are spinning, was wondering if anyone had an idea of how to get that effect of the wheels spinning ? thanks
Needs to look out of focus, just the wheel/tire combo and the background...

Do you have a reference pic?
Yeah, that's cool... As above, the wheel center just needs to look out of focus. Your car will be hard crisp edges and sharp lines, stencils or shields to keep everything tight. The inner portion of the wheels will be freehand because you don't want any sharp edges, everything needs to be fuzzy...except the outer edge of wheel. As many others would say, paint what you see, not what you know! :) good luck!
I think you should throw a loose background in there will ad to the effect you don't need to crazy on the details but a out of focus background will really add to the car moving


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yh i see wat u mean about the bkground, any tits on how to do a blurred effect, never done it b4! thanks
I'd try and make the wing mirror look attached to the car, it looks a bit weird just floating in the air!!
lol jack, yh i will try make it look more attached! lol and cheers strictly ill give that a go :)
I agree about the background... A little bit will go a long way. Without it, it will be harder to express the movement of the car.