When do I need a face mask?


Buffalo Lips

New at this game. When reading I always come across where they say wear beathing protection but all the videos I've been watching No One is wearing protection (on the face that is ). So do I need not when working in water based, but yes for other types?

Buffalo Lips
Best answer any time you are spraying anything...... No matter if it is WD40 or water based paint a mask saves your lungs and life...
Spray for a few hours and then try with some toilet paper (or whatever) to see what comes out of your nose...
I still need to get the habit of wearing a mask. I also just don't like the feeling of it, but don't want any health issues either.
Somewhere I heard that water based paints could be even worse for your health because it's so easy for your body to take it in since you are made mostly out of water yourself too. And to answer your question why in videos and on shows etc you don't see people wearing masks, the best excuse; it's so hard to talk through a mask (or they just never use it).
When you are being a super hero, otherwise you will get harassed by paparzzi, when you are being a mild mannered nobody.
Well, nobd in any video is wearing a mask, cause you'd prolly hear only something like Kenny's talk (this "eneyenemumububu" from south park, you know. )
If you don't use any urethane based paint, you don't really need to wear a mask, but you can still have some lungs problems after some time.
Dust is coming out with every paint, and yes, it can make your lungs go reallyyyyy dirty :)
If you have cleaning pot or something like that for your AB, then try to spray your paint in, and put some light over the pot while you spray your paint/reducer/cleaner in it. You might get suprised by what you'll see :)
Stay healthy
Most guys in the videos that don't wear masks are usually are talking so they cant wear one for the purpose of the video. But if you don't use one I would recommend at least a well ventilated work space. Waterbased paint or not if you blow your nose and see color you should definitely be wearing a mask!!