When to use regular createx vs wicked or auto air?



I think I started airbrushing in February, and have pretty much just painted on white computer paper, or white construction paper. Ive have only used regular createx colors (plus the wicked detail white).

As I was looking at CKs post on tru fire, I started thinking about painting some of my computer stuff/ Xbox stuff. I wasn't real sure if regular createx would work with that type of material.

My question is what materials can I paint with;

Createx airbrush paint
Wicked colors
Auto Air

(what Type is best for what material?)

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I found this on the Airbrushmegastore website. It shows what waterbased paint to use on different surfaces :)

paint guide.JPG
Well that just answered all my questions. Great find. Thanks.

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I found it when i was trying to figure out what paint to get for my needs, I kept it because i hadnt found anything else like it in all my hours of trawling.

It only took 100 posts before i could give something back to you guys, you've all been so helpful its nice to be able to return the favour :) hopefully it wont be another 100 next time.

@Madbrush your hug is in the mail :p
@Madbrush your hug is in the mail :p

Thanks Jackie, I really need today, it's beautiful weather and my mum says I can't go out to play till I clean my room, it's a dogs life sometimes.
I've seen some how to vedio a guy that by the name cammdo he talked about useing wicked paints for when he does a custom x-box.
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This is great info, been searching for this for something like this for a long time. Thanks a million!!!