Where are some good places to purchase an Airbrush and materials etc from?



I was gonna go with Amazon, since I'm a prime member and I order many items from them. But I was reading on some reviews that some people got screwed on getting used or knock off airbrushes. So I'm a little scared on going with a purchase from them.
I came a crossed a website that looks pretty trust worthy and close by. Chicago Airbrush Supply. Anyone ever order from them?
I got my Krome and paints from amazon and had no peoblems. I've seen alot of people post good things about Chicago Airbrush - although I don't have any experience with them

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I've ordered from coast several times. Only real downside from them is the wait, usually takes at least a week. I'm real iffy on amazon stuff plus most of it is just from an actual store anyways. TCPglobal is on amazon and i would NOT recommend them. I have a lot of forum friends that have ordered from there and the quality/condition of the paint was horrendous. bearair.com is also a good place for cheap airbrushes and supplies. I've ordered from them for years back in the day and he usually includes a free gift with orders. I've heard with a ton of orders he has given away a free airbrush or compressor. I haven't heard anything bad about chicago airbrush and actually considered ordering from them next time I wan't to try waterbased and see how long it takes for shipping. In a price comparison, I think chicago airbrush is just a hair cheaper actually.
I order from Chicago Airbrush Supply always!! Great people to work with, and they are cheaper than most, and run deals all the time
Agree with Fez, depends on what you are looking to get. I have ordered from Coast, USA Airbrush, webairbrushes, and the standard Michaels and Hobby Lobby.
Places I have come to trust is Coastairbrush, Chicagoairbrushsupply, TCP Global, but more so the first two. As others have said downside to coast is time but worth the wait and ChicagoABS has been very good with me also.