where do you work?



by that I mean on what ? a desk? flat? on an easel? propped on a book? just curious :)
I previously stood up in front a magnetic white board screwed to the wall, now I sit at a desk with home made purpose built desktop easel.

You will eventually find a position and place that suits you personally.
I stand in my kitchen but i have back problems so i can only get a couple of hours before i have to stop [emoji20] i have a barstool thats a good hight but i have to step back to look at my work every now and then so its more hassle.
There was a thread called show us your workspace you will see lots if different work areas
Well, unless you have understanding other family members you would not want to use my plans... I when I was airbrushing nightly had a magnetic board on the wall next to the dining room table.... I like to stand and paint at that usually (lots of room to get my elbows going.) However lately since returning from my injury i am all over the place sometimes sitting sometimes just cross legged on the floor... And I swear my hardwood floors have seen more paint than paper. Its now funny when I forget to close a bottle before shaking it up....
Guess it depends what you`re painting. I do helmets mainly . I sit at a bench about 3 feet off the ground . i use a bar stool with back support, foot support and it swivels. I sit the helmet on a turn table to make things easier. Sometimes have the helmet in my lap. Being round in shape, they are the hardest thing to hang onto without dropping. Been there , done that. Thank god for carpet. Anyhow, that`s how i work.
I stand at an easel because I find it the most comfortable and gives me freedom of movement. I also use a magnetic whiteboard as my backboard on the easel and I can easily move it up and down on the easel to keep the artwork at an optimum level for airbrushing. I started sitting at my desk with a table top drawing easel at it's steepest angle but I found I had to lean slightly forward all the time and I got very bad backache.
Cheers Mel