Where to post results of my practicing?


Young Tutorling
Good day everyone,

I want to start practicing daily or weekly with airbrushing to learn how to use this incredibly versatile tool for my model making hobby.
But, I don't see a seperate section on here for practitioners to drop their images of their practicing sessions to get help and suggestions of others who are more experienced and can actually tell if you're doing it alright or if you still need more excercising.

Please help me out with this,

because I really want to learn this so I'm able to continue my scale modeling hobby with this tool.


Party Boy UK Style
Staff member
Hi Rainfall.
Feel free to post them in this section. It’s a great idea to show people what you’re getting up to as it really helps us to help you. I did this with everything I painted early on and I was amazed that people could help me with problems I didn’t even know I had.