Which airbrush do you use?

Which Airbrush Do You Use?

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Iwata HP-CS, Iwata Hi-Line HP-BH, and Mr Hobby Procon PS-270 and while PS-270 costs half of HP-BH, it appears to perform better in my hands. I wish Mr Hobby was making something with smaller cup, for it seems all their air brushes come with large cups that are not always desirable. Looking forward to buy either PS-770 or Iwata CM.

I prefer smaller cups myself for detail work that's why I cut the cup down on my PS-270 :thumbsup:


Jeroen de Graaf

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Hi my name is Jeroen comming from Holland. Thanks for adding me in this group! Not much airbrush but love to see yours great works! AirbrushJeroen is my Instagram you can see some work ... not so good!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A605FN met Tapatalk

Electric Cat Dude

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Over the course of my life, I’ve owned 6 airbrushes: a Badger 150, a Badger 100S, an Iwata HP-C, which was my primary workhorse when I did paintings as a hobby, an Iwata Custom Micron CM-B and CM-SB and a Paasche AB turbo airbrush.


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Hello All,

It's been a while since I have been on here. Nice to see this " which AB do you use" question.

I have mostly Badgers,
1 Mac tools branded, Badger 150 bottom feed, in wooden Walnut case, never used.
2 Badger 150 series bottom feeds My first AB's. 3 needle sizes. A good starter and for large area covering, Like a fire hose with large needle setup.
1 Badger Spirit Side Feed ,2mm Nice detail AB
4 Sotars : 1 Slim ( no cup GF ), 2 small cups, 1 new Large cup model V ,when it gets here ( unless you count the Side Feed I built from Sotar parts and a Badger 100 series SF ) then it's 5 ..... Pics posted in my albums.
1 Passche Talon Nice heavy AB, but the huge cup gets in way some times. Needle tips bend easy, Soft needles in my opinion
1 Tamiya Spray Works HG2 .2mm Great little AB for fine lines with paint or ink
1 Masters G45 .2mm Nice to start off with, but cheap

1 Frankenstein Badger 100 series Side Feed, I rebuilt into a Fine Sotar Side Feed .2mm. Still testing for fine lines and details...Photos in my albums and parts used in description

I hope nobody missed me...lol


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Wow I must be losing it.
I almost totally forgot I also have 2 Badger Patriots 1 standard and the 1 Extreme version.

I guess old age and loss of gray matter is getting to my memory.


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Since I was here last I have switched over to all badger airbrushes. Oh and I'm back

Hey Rick, Let me be one of the first to say, Congrats and Welcome back !
Now that you have changed over to Badger, what model(s) did do you pickup, what do like about them and dislike, compared to the airbrush brand you were using ? I know price of the Badger airbrush(s) and replacement parts has to be one of the big things.

Again congrats and welcome back.


Rick Martin

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I have sotar 20/20, chrome, spirit, and patriot. Right now i cant get any of the to do what i want, but thats just me being away from them to long..im actually back to dots and dagger strokes.


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I have sotar 20/20, chrome, spirit, and patriot. Right now i cant get any of the to do what i want, but thats just me being away from them to long..im actually back to dots and dagger strokes.

Well Rick, After getting a new airbrush(s) it takes time to get the feel, each brand and even models within a brand can take time to get the feeling for it. So don't blame all of it on yourself for being away from it. Each airbrush is a different breed. The 2020, Krome and Spirit are small needle 0.21mm airbrushes ( assuming your 2020 is the fine needle model ). You need to thin your paint pretty good / right, especially if you're using Createx or other water base paints. The Neo for Iwata flows more paint than the Badgers, from what I have heard, so thinning your paint correctly is important with those 3 Badger airbrushes. The Patriot 105 is a little more forgiving as long as it is NOT the super detail Patriot 105 Xtreme model. You'll get them working, just take your time, don't drive yourself crazy and have fun. Tons of people here will give you help, if you need or want it.


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I started out with a cheap Chinese knockoff that gave me nothing but grief. Switched to a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra soon thereafter. Added an Evolution a bit later and was fine till lockdown boredom got the better of me.. Apparently, I ended up buying 12 more airbrushes over the last 12 months and am now quite busy figuring out which ones I actually like :)

So far, I think i am the most impressed with my 3 from GSI Creos.. 290, 289 & 771..